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Property Auctions can provide the ideal environment in which to buy and sell property. Blue Estate Agents understand that the method of selling properties has developed over the years offering clients a larger market. We are always on hand to offer advice on any auction matter and will be pleased to guide you through the process working closely with our associated independent auctioneers.

Auctions give vendors access to a room full of interested buyers allowing potential for a timely sale and transaction. If you are considering sale by auction, Blue Estate Agents are able to talk you through the auction process, offer initial market valuation guidance and importantly advise if your property and your circumstances are suitable to recommend sale by public auction.

Property auctions remove the often lengthy process of finding an interested buyer. Auction sales can be progressed more quickly and the risk of a collapsed property chain. There are many benefits of an auction property sale and Countrywide enjoys a great track record of helping thousands of satisfied sellers.

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